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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a minimum hire period?
A. Weekend hire is a minimum hire period. Weekend hire is considered Friday to Monday

Q. Midweek hire is minimum charge of 3 days
A. Midweek hire is considered any days between Monday – Friday

Q. Is there a delivery charge?
A. Delivery is included in price if within 25km.

Q. Can I pick up and drop off the coolroom?
A. Unfortunately due to insurance and safety reasons all coolrooms are delivered and picked up by Coolrooms on Wheels staff only.

Q. What size generator is required to power the coolroom?
A. Coolrooms require a 5Kwa MINIMUM. Less than 5 will damage or break the motor. Start up requires 8amps. Running of the coolroom only requires 2-4 amps.
 -5Kwa will run 2 coolrooms.
 -Freezers require more power

Q. Can the cool room be driven with food inside?
A. The coolroom cannot be transported with food or beverages inside.

Q. Can I move the coolroom once it is setup?
A. Once the coolroom is set up it must stay in place until collected by Coolrooms on Wheels.

Q. What are the sizes of the coolroom units?


Catering Recommendations

External Dimensions

Internal Dimensions

3 cubic metre

Up to 50 people
½ pallet

3200L x 1750W x 2050H

1800L x 1200W x 1500H

6 cubic metre

Up to 150 people  2 pallets

3500L x 2150W x 2600H

2100L x 1600W x 2100H

8 cubic metre

Up to 200 people
3 pallets

3900L x 2350W x 2600H

2400L x 1800W x 2100H